Design director
Doctor of medical science
Professor of graduate school of engineering, Osaka University
Emeritus Professor of Nagoya City University
Visiting Professor of Tama Art University
Visiting Professor of Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Kazuo Kawasaki was born in Fukui Japan in 1949 and graduated from Kanazawa College of Arts. He worked as industrial designer at Toshiba. As a result of traffic accident when 28 years of age in 1978, and forced to spend time in a wheelchair. He established his own company and worked as a design director for various companies; Apple, Canon, Eizo, Fujitsu, Matsuda, Moriseiki, NTT DoCoMo, Sony, Toshiba etc. Through his design work that he would shorten his life to do, he keeps asking how the design should be that is truly necessary for human kind in searching for a better way to live.
Kawasaki's design knows no limit. He has designed cutleries, glasses, wheel chairs, computer hardware, CRT and LCD monitors, nuclear power systems, artificial organs and products in multi-dimensional space - among other things.
His design works were awarded a lot of the prizes and selected for the permanent collections of the art museums in the world. In recent years, he has worked resolutely, as a researcher and an educator, to integrate science, technology, medicine and art comprehensively.
Chairman of juror for the Japan Good Design Award in 2001-2003.
His solo exhibition, " artificial heart " was presented at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan in 2006.
Chairman of International Design Competition 2007
He was selected in " 100 Japanese respected by the WORLD " of NEWSWEEK JAPAN.
Now he is leading Peace Keeping Design (PKD) project that aims the world peace by the power of design.

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